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Sedimentation Rate

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Sedimentation rate or erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is a blood test offered to show the inflammation in your body. Inflammation is your body’s self-protecting response to get rid of harmful stimuli, however chronic inflammation is terrible for your body and can cause many diseases. This test can be done to diagnose or monitor inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. When your blood is drawn it is placed in a tube and your red blood cells slowly settle to the bottom of the tube.  Inflammation often causes the blood cells to clump, thus making them denser causing them to sink to the bottom at a faster rate. The sedimentation rate test measures inflammation by how fast the red blood cells fall in one hour. The farther the blood cells have fallen, the greater the inflammation in your body. Your doctor might request you get a sedimentation rate test in order to monitor your arthritis, to assess unexplained fevers, or to diagnose conditions like Giant cell arteritis. Because this test does not pinpoint the cause of your inflammation, it is often accompanied with other blood tests. The sedimentation rate test is offered at for $34.95, there is no special preparation required for this test.

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An Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) blood test (also known as Westergreen Sedimentation Rate) is an important medical screening performed to detect inflammation in the body caused due to many reasons like infection, autoimmune diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and the Kawasaki disease and also certain types of cancers. This test gives a measurement of the speed at which the red blood cells fall to the bottom of an erect glass tube. Abnormal proteins that may be present in the blood due to various reasons can cause the red blood cells to cluster together and sink down rather quickly. While it is important to know what ESR blood test is, it is also crucial to understand that this test alone is not sufficient to diagnose and conclude a disease.

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The ESR blood test needs no specific preparation and requires a technician to draw the blood sample from a vein of the patient and collect the same in a syringe or vial. The whole procedure takes a few minutes and the test results can be made available the ensuing day. If the results show inflammation, the patient’s health professional may ask him/her to undergo further tests to conclude the specific cause for inflammation.

Getting an ESR blood test done is easy nowadays and all one has to do is place an online lab test order and get it done at any local patient service center which is part of a reputed online health lab company. Clients can stay assured that the results of any test conducted by such online health labs are kept confidential and are also HIPAA compliant. Ordering and getting an ESR blood test this way is easier as it is not only cost effective but also the results of the test can be downloaded conveniently from the comforts of the client’s home.

In addition to the ESR blood test, the health lab companies also offer other online lab tests like the Comprehensive Health Profile, Thyroid Panel, PSA and the Cardio C Reactive Protein test. Corporate Companies can take advantage of the Online Corporate Health Promotion Services for their employees which is made available throughout the US.

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