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How Stress Can Affect Your Brain

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When under a lot of stress How Stress can Affect your Health, you may be very forgetful and disorganized, but have you ever wondered if there are any long-term effects of stress on your brain? When under stress the amygdala, which is responsible for your survival instincts, is most active which means that the parts of your brain responsible for memory and higher order tasks are not as active. When under chronic stress, the parts of your brain responsible for your survival instincts becomes stronger, while other parts of your brain responsible for things like handling higher-order tasks becomes weaker. Essentially, chronic stress rewires your brain affecting your memory and ability to handle higher order tasks. There are many things you can try to reduce your stress.

The following is a list of things you could do to manage your stress:

Stress can effect your brain

  • Become more organized. Try creating to-do lists for your workload, so that you don’t procrastinate and become overwhelmed.
  • Create a routine for yourself. If the stress you experience is not predictable, try to focus on keeping control over the things that are predictable in your life
  • Change the way you view stress. A certain amount of stress can actually be useful for growth, so instead of striving to eliminate stress from your life altogether, aim to find healthier reactions to stress
  • Get enough sleep How to get better sleep. Stress can cause sleep deprivation, which actually makes stress worse. It is important to establish healthy sleeping habits.


Can I Order My Own Lab Tests?

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With the exception of a few states, consumers can order their own lab tests.  This process is sometimes referred to as Direct Access Testing (DAT) and allows consumers to order discount lab tests online.

Will I understand the test results? 

There is some concern that a consumer will receive their lab results and not know how to interpret values.  Today, the blood test results list the reference ranges and the individual’s test result.  Each test is annotated if any results are outside the normal reference values.  Ordering and receiving your own lab tests are not the same as getting medical advice.  It is always recommended that an individual review and initiate a discussion with their health provider to interpret those results.

See a Typical Lab Test Result

discount lab tests

How do you Order Your Own Blood Test?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Tests Offered to view available tests
  3. Select a test and Add to your Shopping Cart
  4. Open a secure account on our server and use the secure check-out process
  5. You’ll receive the lab requisition form within two hours and take it to a lab location near you.

Most results are ready the next day and you will receive an email with a link on how to download your results from your secure account.

What Are You Waiting For? 

Take Control of Your Health and order a discount lab test today!

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