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The relationship between nuts and colon cancer

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The relationship between nuts and colon cancer

Can something as simple as the incorporation of tree nuts such as pecans, almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts into your diet help you prevent colon cancer? An observational study found that patients with stage III colon cancer who incorporated at least two ounces of nuts into their diets per week were 42% less likely of cancer recurrence and 57% lower probability of death than those who did not consume nuts. The study also found that there was no link between eating peanuts and a decrease in recurrence of cancer and/or improvement in survival.

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The overall consensus of the study is that there are lifestyle changes colon cancer patients can incorporate to reduce the likelihood of getting cancer again like maintaining a healthy weight, reducing sugar intake, and living an active lifestyle. Nut consumption is also linked to a decrease in insulin resistance and in inflammation which is both implicated to cause cancer. In conclusion, nuts should not be considered a substitution for chemotherapy or medication, but rather something you incorporate into a well-balanced diet to help prevent cancer recurrence.


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